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"...I will open my eyes to an environment that my mind cannot reach. It is life itself.

I will do what I can to transmit to those who do not have, perhaps for the time being, my good fortune.

Because, whatever they say, I owe them everything..." Yannis Psilakis

These are the words that my brother, Yannis Psilakis, wrote during his travels, in his personal diary. I could never imagine, as his younger sister – he was 10 years older - that a time would come that i would write for him and he would not be here .....

Yannis Psilakis, was a wonderful person, friend, brother and photographer. I always envied him, as he had the luxury and the chance to make his dreams come true by traveling around the world with his favorite cameras, for months ... until he discovered that distant last place and until the films he carried along, runned out ....

The stories he told me and my mother were always interesting, shocking and sometimes as pulled from the movies. We sat for hours and listened to him as he described the landscapes, people, customs and traditions and his future travels.

Unfortunately Yannis, did not had the chance to travel to all places envisioned. The numerous photographs he left to us, are his last work.... captured through the lenses of his cameras ...

My mother Titi Psilakis and I would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts, all the friends and acquaintances of Yannis, most of which contributed to the realization of great projects in memory of Yannis, a drilling project in Kombolcha, Africa and a school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a country that Yannis loved so very much.

Nina Psilakis