«I haven't regret for coming. I want to see the other side of the world we live in. Ignoring that such conditions exist is convenient but not a reality...»

Ethiopia.. The Karo, the Hamer, the Mursi, the Bume are some of the main tribes that live in the area.

Men shave their heads in sections, creating ornate designs that tey decorate with ostrich feathers. While sleeping they protect them by resting their heads on wooden blocks.

The women of the Hame tribe have created a distinctive hairstyle. They make thick braids using butter or pork fat mixed with mud.

Chile. The land of the Indians. The Aymara are the descendants of the Incas. They are short, dark-skinned and they dress in their own distinctive way. Men wear long ponchos and woolen trousers. Women wear wide wooden skirts and brown or gray hats. Their dress is always pretty heavy so that they can withstand the cold of the Andes.