« ...Many times, I didn't take any photographs because I wanted to see. The images you see are unique. I mean the people around me. In any case, people are what I like to capture, not castles. Truly our world has no boundaries.....»

Mentawai, Indonesia. Naked natives into a tropical jungle chasing their food with bows, "dressed" with tree bark and ornate tattoos. They get healed by rituals and exorcisms. The only exception in the primitive adornment is a wristwatch, gift of a foreign visitor. They don't know how to tell time. They depend on the sunset and sunrise

Long hair and tattoos all over their bodies and a scant clothing by a piece of cloth. Their teeth are sharpened into a triangular shape, whilst covering their necks with numerous necklaces of multi-colored beads.

Suddenly, Aman Abe paused and motioned me to listen to "something" high in the sky. I didn't understand what the meant until it began to rain heavily. When the rain stopped asked him what it was he wanted me to listen to. He replied to me "I was telling you to listen to the voice of the coming rain".