Kalash... Northwestern Pakistan, Indian Caucasus. A pagan tribe with strong Mediterranean features, isolated in the heart of Central Asia. Its members number 3.000 but they present a problem for Greek history. Their existence is associated with an ancient myth that has remained impervious to the passage of time and successive conquerors. A myth that touches the limits of truth: Are the Kalash the descendents of the soldiers of Alexander the Great?

Kalash women are not permitted to circulate without wearing the sousout, a small woollen cap, usually black or brown, that cover the head and its tail falls to the waist. It is decorated with multi-colored beads, buttons and small bells. Definitely very far from the world of the veils of Islam.

The houses of Kalash are different from those of the Moslems. They are sturdy, square made of wood, with two or three floors. The upper floor is used as a living area. The rooms are arrayed around a central courtyard and the ceiling has an opening for the smoke to escape during cooking. The lower floor is used as a storage and a small stable.... Just like in the old Greek villages.

Sadhu.... «dressed by God». They walk for peace around the world. For them its something beyond religion. It's a way of life and a continual quest for purity. They pursue the path of Hinduism, marching all year long, crossing India with humility. All their belongings fit into a small bag called "tsoli". Their main feature is the tilaka, the sacred designs of different colors on their foreheads.....